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April 21, 2017
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June 16, 2017

Are You Thriving or Just Surviving?

Have you ever found yourself working harder to support a lifestyle that you may not even have the time to enjoy — or spending less time with loved ones?

Sometimes we may find ourselves surviving rather than thriving.

How do we obtain inner peace in a world that is ever changing? Joy requires gratitude and an acknowledgement of interdependence with all that is around us. Deeper and better relations make us truly happier than trying to fill that hole with the acquisition of material things or lots of chocolate cake. This is powerful mind-body medicine, realized through lifestyle changes.

  • Visualize what it is like to wake up feeling refreshed – Remind yourself that you have a roof over your head and food on the table. Imagine that you have enough.
  • Begin your day with 20 minutes of meditation – followed by a healthy breakfast.
  • Exercise in nature and break up your work day – Take a lunchtime walk in nature before eating. Walk to and from your job, if possible. Enjoy exercise after work – a dance class, yoga, jogging with your dog or playing with your family.
  • Have a light dinner and make time for gratitude, prayer or meditation before bedtime.
  • Get really clear about your desires and write them down – Where am I in life? What are my plans for the next 20 years? What matters most?
  • Redefine success – How do your actions affect others? Imagine defining success by kindness, compassion, patience and giving.
  • Reevaluate how you spend money – How much do you really need to own? Can you give more? Can you live happily on less?
  • Do something that makes your heart sing – What gifts do you bring? It may not be money-related, but rather how you invest your time and energy. Seek ways to volunteer, teach, or serve. Find your passion.
  • Do good deeds.

“Whatever your worries are, whatever your sufferings are, just do good deeds. It will change your life. Dharma, good deeds and generosity, cannot be measured by quantity or by numbers. It is measured by how readily and how willingly we give to other people.” –Narayani Amma

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