Dr. Guarneri’s work in the area of philanthropy ranges from healthcare to education and research.

Dr. Guarneri and Rauni Prittinen King, RN co-founded the charitable non-profit, Miraglo Foundation. Miraglo Foundation is dedicated to providing healthcare and education for underserved communities locally and globally.  Their vision: Healing people and transforming communities through education, health and research. Their mission: Health care and communities will be transformed nationally and internationally through research, education and service. New models of holistic patient centered care that embrace the wisdom of all global healing traditions will be designed, researched and implemented. Through grants from the Taylor Family Foundation, Miraglo Foundation is able to support programs nationally and internationally that enhance sustainability of people and communities.

In 2016, Miraglo Foundation Funded the following Local, National and International Projects:
  • Academy of Integrative Health & Medicine (AIHM)  Development
  • AIHM Inter-Professional Fellowship Program  Development
  • Scholarships for the AIHM Inter-Professional Fellowship Program
  • AIHM Annual Conference with UCSD: People, Planet, Purpose in October 2016, in San Diego, CA  hosted and educated over 1000 health care practitioners from 23 countries
  • AIHM International Integrative Medicine Conference in June in Stuttgart, Germany,  co-sponsored by European partners,  over 600 health care practitioners attended from 47 countries
  • AIHM – Integrative Healthcare Policy Consortium (IHPC) Advocacy in Integrative Health and Medicine
  • Visionary dinner for AIHM Award recipients, the Donors and the Board of Directors
  • AIHM Medical Student’s reception
  • AIHM Membership fund raising with Feeding San Diego program, sponsoring one inner city San Diego School “take home food bags on Fridays”.
  • Monarch School, San Diego, CA, a public K-12 school for students who are homeless or impacted by homelessness. Monarch School is committed to helping students prepare for a successful future and life.
  • Welcome Home Ministries/FAIR Dorm Project, at Las Colinas Women Detention Center in San Diego is dedicated to preparing and supporting women who are released from confinement. The recidivism rate for women participating in the FAIR dorm program is 6% versus 68% for women who lack this kind of necessary education and support.
  • Opio Haku Mo’olelo, a program in the Hawaii juvenile justice system to empower youth using creative writing, art and music as positive tools, helping youth grasp individual responsibility, integrity and to move forward successfully in life after a brief incarceration.
  • Healing Beyond Borders (Healing Touch International) Healing Touch education and research.
  • Big Animals for Little Kids, an organization bringing joy into the lives of children by visiting them in hospitals, homeless shelters and foster care facilities and wearing their “Big Animals” costumes.
  • Light Bridge Hospice to provide Integrative Therapies for people with life threatening disease.
  • La Jolla Community Center  Health Fair
  • Las Patronas/San Diego Jewel Ball 2016 Community fundraising publication.
  • Consciousness Healing Initiative (CHI) Summit as an AIHM post conference workshop, Scientific Research Meeting, Sponsor organizations meetings, Space for an office /lab.
  • Institute for a Sustainable Future is focusing on individual and Planetary Health by attending the following educational forums: Ecology of Care Congress in Denmark and Cambridge Sustainable Healthcare Symposium in UK.
  • Membership to Global Health Council
  • Attended the WHO in  Geneva, Switzerland in May, delegation to the World Health Assembly
  • To Give a Gift of Sight: Funding provided to a San Diego based eye surgeon who travels to under-served countries (Mexico, Caribbean and Fiji) to provide eye surgery for those in need.
  • Sudanese Children Heart Society:  Children with Rheumatic Heart Disease Screening and Treatment Program in Sudan.
  • Friends of Maiti Nepal, Nepal, is a USA based organization focusing on supporting Maiti Nepal  (Mother’s Home) in Kathmandu, Nepal. Maiti Nepal rescues young children --mostly girls that have been victims of human trafficking. Our funds have been able to provide education and rehabilitation as well as healthcare, including hospice care for the women and children infected with AIDS.
  • SAMMM Project in Southern India is a micro-loan project empowering women to learn to hand-make shirts, prayer items and tote bags to become the breadwinner for their families. Miraglo Foundation ordered 1000 bags for the AIHM conference attendees that were well appreciated by the recipients.
  • Support for pre-school teacher in Southern India to provide care and education to the children of very low income homes, enabling the parents to work.
  • Sri Narayani Hospital and Research Centre, Southern, India. Thanks to our donors, Miraglo has been able to support many of their ongoing needs. The hospital expansion is underway to include a cardiac catheterization laboratory, open heart Surgery Theater. Currently SNHRC Emergency Department admits 5-6 cardiac victims per day that could be saved if the proper interventions, such as stenting, angioplasty and open heart surgery was available. This project is a Miraglo Foundation priority for 2017.


See the Miraglo Foundation website for more information or to make a donation: