Dr. Guarneri’s list of educational leadership includes:

  • President and Founder, AIHM
  • Presenter, National and International Conferences
  • Patient and Public Event education
  • Assistant Clinical Professor, Department of Medicine, UCSD
  • Professor, The Great Courses series, The Science of Natural Healing
  • Director/Advisor for Scripps Annual Natural Supplements Conference
  • Director/Advisor for Scripps Annual Holistic Nursing Conference
  • Director/Advisor for Annual AIHM Conference
  • Grand Rounds across the United States.
  • Training Healthcare Professionals to Transform to an Integrative Practice
  • Preceptorships and Professional Clinical Rotations

Dr. Guarneri is a noted educator. Her expertise was sought by The Great Courses company to create the highly-regarded 24-lecture video series, titled The Science of Natural Healing.  Following Simon & Schuster’s 2006 publishing of her first book, The Heart Speaks: A Cardiologist Reveals the Secret Language of Healing, a poignant collection of stories from heart patients who benefited from Integrative Medicine, Dr. Guarneri’s clinical work was featured in a two-part PBS documentary, The New Medicine, as well as on NBC’s Today Show and in PBS’s To The Contrary.

Dr. Guarneri takes both a global and a local approach to education, as evidenced by her leadership positions. On a local scale, she works directly with students, professionals, patients and the public in a range of educational platforms from clinical rotations to free, public educational presentations for the monthly Pacific Pearl La Jolla Community Lecture Series.

Her focus on engaging a global community of health professionals in training, leadership, interprofessional collaboration, research, and advocacy has placed her at the top of the field nationally.  Her emphasis on education is to ensure that high-quality care is accessible to all, that healthcare embraces all global healing traditions to promote the creation of health.

Integrative Medicine is now a recognized specialty with board certification. Dr. Guarneri serves on the Founding Board of the American Board Physician Specialties in Integrative Medicine (ABOIM) and is President of the Academy of Integrative Health and Medicine (AIHM). Through her leadership with principals in the AIHM, they launched a groundbreaking Integrative Health and Medicine Interprofessional Fellowship Program that traverses three essential categories: health and medical research, education and the environment.

The AIHM vision:

  • Where healthcare is about health and available to all
  • Where prevention is our foundation and mechanical fixes are embraced when we need them
  • Where all healthcare providers work collaboratively to heal body, mind and spirit
  • Where sustainability is integrated into our culture, practice and training

You may contact the AIHM for additional Fellowship and educational information.


Furthermore, at Pacific Pearl La Jolla, Dr. Guarneri and her team present free public lectures and workshops. Since 2014, continuing education-accredited programs include the two-module Integrative Nurse Coach Certificate Program from International Nurse Coaching Association, the multi-level Medical Intuitive Training Program from The Practical Path, all levels of Healing Touch classes through Healing Beyond Borders, and Ayurveda Training for Health Professionals in association with the Maharishi University of Management (  Educational workshops, summits and classes include the Epigenetics Summit streamed live worldwide, Pacific Pearl La Jolla Community Lecture Series, the Clean & Lean science-based detox program and Kundalini Yoga classes, among others.

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