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Transform & Prevent Cardiovascular Disease: Sarah’s Heart™ Retreat, coming April 2020! Join our email list to receive more information.

Find hope, answers, rejuvenation, and community at  the Sarah’s Heart™ Retreat. The retreat is coming April 2020 at the beautiful and serene Pacific Pearl La Jolla, one block from the ocean in La Jolla, California.

Destination Health: Sarah’s Heart™ Retreat is an educational and restorative retreat to empower women to prevent and transform cardiovascular disease with guidance from an extraordinary team of experts.

This special 2-day retreat is part of Sarah’s Heart™, an empowering program for women to prevent and treat Cardiovascular Disease. Explore Sarah’s Heart™  link here

“I have been practicing cardiology since 1994, and I have dedicated my life to the treatment and prevention of cardiovascular disease. My Mom, Sarah, died from a massive heart attack when she was only 39. And, since that time, I knew I would be a physician.  Sarah’s Heart™ is dedicated to you, whether you are a woman with cardiovascular disease, a man or woman with a loved one with cardiovascular disease, or you simply want to know tips and tricks for prevention. I am thrilled to provide this empowering program and be on this journey with you.”  — Mimi Guarneri, MD, FACC, ABOIM

  • The Sarah’s HeartRetreat team of experts is led by renowned Integrative Cardiologist Dr. Mimi Guarneri, Medical Director of Guarneri Integrative Health, Inc. Presentations on heart health including nutrition, supplements, hormones, and emotional well-being combine with experiential sessions, group sharing, healthy delicious meals, laughter, and more.
  • The retreat is limited in size, so there will be plenty of attention for each person.
  • COST: The Retreat fee, which includes breakfast and lunch plus all activities and sessions for two days, is $795. Hotel and overnight accommodations are not included.
  • Do you need overnight accommodations?   We have special Pacific Pearl Corporate Rates at nearby hotels in La Jolla, CA that are within walking distance or a 5-minute ride.
  • To get information about nearby hotels, please call Pacific Pearl La Jolla: 858-459-6919.

For additional Sarah’s Heart™  Retreat details, team of experts, and photos of the retreat location,  link here